For those who thought they were joking…..

Yesterday we showed a picture of a shop unit at the top of the High Street which was apparently being fitted out for a new tenant.  Wicked people on our blog and Facebook page suggested that the occupant might be ANOTHER vape shop, a hairdresser’s or a cafe/restaurant/coffee shop or a nail-bar.

Well, we can now reveal that….. (pause and drumroll to raise the tension)…. the new tenant will be a barber.  Another barber.

We should issue a health warning.  Though our information comes from a reliable source, we’ve lost count of the number of times ‘reliable sources’ have told us that John Lewis would be taking over the former Allders building.  So, we’re taking a bit of a gamble in revealing the information at this stage.  But we shall see.

(By coincidence, years ago we were told that the next occupant of the premises would be a hairdressers.  We boldly reported this; but we were grossly premature as nothing happened for years.)

16 thoughts on “For those who thought they were joking…..

  1. With the rumours about House of Fraser, I absolutely despair for Camberley now. I understand your comments about there being a demand for these types of shops but when you look at the amount of Waitrose supermarkets around the outskirts of Camberley, surely the planners can see that if they aim a little higher they can attract shoppers of all kinds. I, for one, am sad to see Camberley as the “go-to” place for tattoo parlours, vape shops, pound stores and other unknown, cheap clothes shops.

    • Yes absolutely agree and my heart sank when I heard the news 2 days ago that House of Fraser stores want their rents reduced. Guess who owns Camberley House of Fraser building……..

      • It seems inevitable that ‘our’ HoF will be at risk. On the one hand, I’ve been told that its financial performance is good (whether that’s true or not I don’t know), on the other, the top floor has been closed off for years, so presumably there’s not a great demand for extra sales space.

    • The borough council doesn’t have a magic wand, but I find its ‘strategy’ confusing. It seems to want independents AND up-market shops, but the two are difficult to reconcile

  2. Last time I heard the council speak on the subject, it said that it wanted to encourage independent shops in the centre. It sounds a like a lovely idea, but most independent shops are small. They’re often start-ups (which, if successful, will grow into the chains that many people don’t like!) I imagine that the tattoo parlouers et al are pretty much all independents. On the other hand, the council says it’s turning the mall into somewhere smart where upmarket retailers will want to be; I reckon this shows muddled thinking – or lack of any joined-up thinking at all. The plans for the High Street – keeping it open for some traffic – mean that it’ll be an ideal place for take-away food shops. Not Waitrose.

  3. We buy cheap goods online but we expect others to buy them from the high street in order to keep it classy?

    I honestly don’t get what the problem is with shops selling services you can’t get online?!

    The high street retail market is simply responding to people’s buying habits. If you think having fewer hairdressers in your town is more important than savings 20% on the cost of your purchases, stop buying from amazon and start buying form 5+ independent outfits.

    • If that were in any way true then towns like Kingston, Guildford, Bracknell would be ghost towns and there would be no need for places like Bluewater or Westfield. I buy from Amazon but I also buy from shops on the high street – but, sadly not Camberley. And, honestly, can there really be that much men’s hair!

      • If the places you mentioned had similar levels of footfall to camberley you’d have a point.

      • The national trend is clear. But individual towns can buck the trend, obviously, if they differentiate themselves by offering something special. As yet, Camberley isn’t doing that.

  4. Dave, you answered a different comment to the one I posted. Your remark was about shops not being needed because of online shopping; my reply proved the point that shops ARE needed and used elsewhere. If you want to conflate that with footfall, what about shoppers to The Meadows then? Are they all “local people”? I personally know many people who travel a good distance to shop there and who are also willing to travel to LongAcres – but how many of these visitors can find anything of interest to them in Camberley town centre?

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