10 thoughts on “This new sign is on the way out…..

  1. Initially I was quite dismissive about the council buying up the Main Square shopping centre, however, I’m rather pleased with the initial updates they’ve achieved so far.

    It’s pretty clear that the previous owners of the Mall weren’t prepared to spend any money on modernising, so the council had to step in. Hopefully this refresh and rebranding lays the foundations for attracting high end retailers to the town.

    • I rather agree. And, in the short time the council has owned the mall, I gather that the finances have done pretty well. But it was a courageous decision; the future of bricks and mortar retail is far from certain, of course. In the longer term, who knows what will happen.

    • I know, I know! But I’m a bit jaundiced because the council has been promising to improve the High Street for thirty years. And the proposal to partially pedestrianise the road seems to me to be a compromise which could lead to worse congestion .

  2. I just wish that the council had come up with a more meaningful name for ‘The Square’. It would have made more sense if they had called it ‘Obelisk Square’ to link it into the history of the town. (It would certainly have been a lot easier to say.) They would also have had a ready-made logo (a representation of the obelisk) instead of what they are using now which does not mean anything to anybody.

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