How old is old?

We find this notice below the shop window of Capigi the jeweller somewhat thought-provoking.  It refers to ‘old gold’.  We know what it means, of course.

But, as was discussed in the news in October, gold is created when neutron stars collide.   It’s not produced naturally on earth.  Indeed, most of the earth’s gold was accumulated while the planet was still molten 4.5 billion years ago.  Sadly, tantalising for us, the heavy metal then sank to the centre of the earth, out of reach.  The gold that we do find arrived here perhaps half a billion years later, when the now-solid planet was bombarded by gold-bearing meteorites.  So, the Capigi notice is spot on;  ALL gold on earth is 4 billion years old or thereabouts!

2 thoughts on “How old is old?

  1. Uhoh! Shhhh. Eye, should you have published that? There are some who will drill anywhere for anything that has pecuniary ‘value’… No matter what the actual cost to the planet we call home … Camberley? Yes, and more i.e Earth. Bye bye molten core, it was nice having you, I HOPE that our children (and their children …) don’t find they NEED you …

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