Council causes chaos

2C4776EA-CEE6-493F-B3CD-1C608ACACAADThe borough council has closed the top floors of both Camberley multi storey car parks today because of ice. That’s easier than salting them, we suppose. But there are no notices warning about this at the entrances. So, as it’s near Christmas (NB council) there are lots of people trying to park, getting to the top and having to come out again.



4 thoughts on “Council causes chaos

  1. Can you name and shame the m****n in charge of all parking related decisions?
    His/hers never ending list of snafus is just driving shoppers away from this ,what is becoming a Top100 joke town.
    Woking Farnborough Bracknell Guildford and then Aldershot/ Camberley is my pecking order these days…and Camberley is nearest to home.

  2. SHBC policy for other other flat developments has been to limit the number of car parking spaces.
    Their declared aim has been to “encourage” public transport use. Could SHBC be having conflict of interest as they are now the developer/landlord and providing consistent the planning rules ?

  3. It’s so frustrating. As you say, Camberley is under threat from nearby – and not so nearby – towns, so it can’t afford to discourage shoppers and visitors. Yet the council’s performance this morning was woefully inadequate. It’s tempting to advise readers to stay away; how stupid is that.

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