We want the train without the strain

Do you remember the following item that we posted just over a couple of months ago?


When South Western Railway took over the running of our local train service (it actually took over the whole South West Train franchise) it announced that it would consult about its proposed new timetable. So, a week or so ago, it launched a consultation on-line. You’ll find the consultation page HERE (Sorry, Facebook readers, you may have to go to the Eye’s WordPress blog for this link to work.)

To us, the most relevant part of the consultation is Table 150:


Well, the consultation is nearly over.  One of our readers has responded: “For 7 years I travelled from Camberley to Waterloo on the straight through trains and saw the number of people on the platform increase week by week. A great service, but having to change trains in the rush hour, whether Ascot or Ash Vale, and get on a crowded train probably means having to stand for much of the way. Another nail in Camberley’s coffin if they do away with this service.” 

The borough council appears to have similar concerns.  You’ll find the council’s reply to the consultation HERE.

8 thoughts on “We want the train without the strain

  1. Unfortunately, i don’t think this will happen, the lines to Waterloo are so full that another through train will not give the safely time between trains I’ve been told, sorry Camberley we will have to grim and bare it. i being one of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also replied to the consultation, pointing out that getting on a train and getting off again two stations later isn’t conducive to travelling from Camberley on a cold winter morning. It was so much better in ye olden days when we had direct trains throughout the day…

    • I have a theory that says Camberley should give up all hope of a decent train service. It should become a community of ‘non travellers’ – aged wrinklies. (I don’t really like the idea, but it’s an option)

    • Another through train to Waterloo was never on the cards, but please let us keep the ones we already had. The big question – with commuters from Reading having two other good rail lines to London, why should they not change at Ascot, and let us from Camberley go straight through (on all our trains)?? We never get a seat at Ascot on Rugby days.

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