An inevitable parking ticket

Quite a while ago, we showed a picture of a freshly re-painted yellow line along a stretch of ‘dropped kerb’ on the A30 service road.  We pointed out that the dropped kerb led nowhere – and that someone had taken advantage of that to park on the yellow line.  Well, they did the same thing a few days later, and collected a ‘parking ticket’, as this photo shows.

The somewhat surprising thing is that we think we’ve seen the same car in the same place a day or more after we took this photo.

5 thoughts on “An inevitable parking ticket

  1. This is exactly why I no longer shop in Camberley. The enforcement of parking restrictions appears to have very little to do with efficient traffic management and everything to do with revenue raising.

  2. Speaks volumes about the morons at SHBC parking dept.. Like the comment above I needed to visit a store, that is in Camberley and also in Woking, Went to Woking, because of Camberley’s user hostile attitude to parking and ever poorer selection of shops for Xmas.

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