The Central Bar – we now know why.

You may remember that a few days ago we suggested that The Central Bar was closed.  At the time, we expressed surprise because we knew that outline planning permission, only, had been granted for redevelopment.  So closure seemed rather premature.

We’re no longer quite so surprised, as a ‘detailed’ planning application relating to the ‘reserved matters’ still outstanding has now been submitted.  Here is the proposed facade that would face Obelisk Way.


5 thoughts on “The Central Bar – we now know why.

    • I did write a reply, Denise, but it’s ‘disappeared’. So, again… Ken Clarke has made the point that the building isn’t particularly ‘old’. It’s a replacement for one that was destroyed by fire about a hundred years ago. So the issue is perhaps whether the existing or the proposed is the ‘lovelier’. Which is a matter of debate/taste, of course. But my earlier reply did mention that there’d been a public questionnaire about the proposed redevelopment ages ago – published by the Eye, of course. So the position now is one that has been on the cards for years. With opportunities to object, both to the owner and to the borough council.

  1. Hmm. I can’t remember the details, but the building isn’t that ‘old’. The original was destroyed by fire, and I THINK the current one dates from the 1920s (I might be a bit wrong about the date, but not about the general message.) So the argument is really about appearance rather than history. Of course, regular readers (!) will recall that a couple of years or so ago the Eye reproduced a questionnaire about the proposed redevelopment.

  2. The current building may not be enormously old, but some of the architectural details inside are very attractive, particularly the main staircase (which has some beautiful carved woodwork). It would be a shame to lose them; I wonder if the developers could be persuaded to find a way to take them out, spruce them up a little, and re-use them ?

    • It seems that another of my replies has disappeared from the blog. But what I wrote yesterday was that you’re obviously much more familiar with the building than I am. Why not contact the developer – details on the council’s website, I’m sure – and see what they say? Though it’s obviously late in the day to change any of the design.

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