#TalkSurreyHeath session – today, 7:00pm

The borouch council is holding another on-line panel session today.  Its website gives all the details (apart from the time!) so here’s what it says:

The title of the event emphasises finance and economics.  But the text says the discussion could potentially cover a wide range of subjects, including the regeneration of the town centre.  So we’ve risked diverting the session somewhat by asking five regeneration questions.  They are:

– Will the council publish the detailed results of the recent consultation about plans for the High Street?  ie how many residents responded, how many retailers responded, and what views were expressed.

– In deciding how to revitalise The Square, did the council consider exploiting and emphasising the mall’s ‘Victorian arcade’ features – glass roof and decorative ‘ironwork’?  This would have differentiated it architecturally from the Bracknell development much more that the alterations in Grace Reynolds Walk will do.  Is the intention that Camberley should be a ‘copycat’ town, or somewhere that offers something unique to shoppers?  If the latter, what will the uniqueness be?

 – Did the council consider asking for public views before selecting the name The Square?

– Will upgrading The Square include creating night time east-west links between the High Street and Park Street as proposed in council planning documents?

– For how long is a building site allowed to obstruct the pavement of a town centre road with scaffolding – when little building work appears to be under way – before the council takes action?

(We lobbed in the last question because there’s little point trying to regenerate the town unless ALL the landlords and tenants join in.)


6 thoughts on “#TalkSurreyHeath session – today, 7:00pm

  1. Mine was third question read out…you and the Mrs got a good run… .they did not read out my 2nd question! aaaarghh.. ..get the ear plugs ready! ….

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