Our trains, your views

When South Western Railway took over the running of our local train service (it actually took over the whole South West Train franchise) it announced that it would consult about its proposed new timetable.  So, a week or so ago, it launched aconsultation on-line.  You’ll find the consultation page HERE  (Sorry, Facebook readers, you may have to go to the Eye’s WordPress blog for this link to work.)

To us, the most relevant part of the consultation is Table 150:

(To see the full proposed local timetable, click HERE)

There’s no fixed suite of questions to answer.  Instead, any comments to South Western Railway should be sent by e-mail to timetable.feedback@swrailway.com  There’s a deadline of a few days before Chistmas for responding.



8 thoughts on “Our trains, your views

  1. It looks like we are loosing a direct Camberley to Richmond connection (Farnham to Waterloo via Ascot and Richmond), my everyday commute. I suppose the timetable make sense on a paper but it will add time to my and quiet few other people commute, by what I see on the platform in the morning. Not happy.

    • I’ve not yet studied all the information, but that’s what others have said too. Interestingly, at a meeting quite a while ago, I got the impression that people were more interested in having through trains so that they didn’t have the hassle of changing than they were in shaving a few minutes off the journey.

  2. Yes another reason not to live in Camberley any more. I suspect that the people who came up with the idea have never actually got off a train at Ascot (or Ash Vale) on a cold, wet winter morning and trudged to another platform, then stood there waiting for another train…

  3. I have looked at this timetable there is no mention anywhere of Camberley, either leaving or stopping at. Have they forgotten about Camberley? Or are they going to get rid of Camberley station altogether?

  4. We strongly object to the direct service Camberley to Waterloo being stopped. It is already slower to commute than in the Victorian times which is frankly disgraceful. This is not in the best interests in either the residents of Camberley, nor of the businesses in Camberley trying to attract and retain quality staff and customers.

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