Shop windows

We’ve said already that we’re not going to record every detail of the upgrading of Grace Reynolds Walk.  But new shop windows are now being installed, and that’s a milestone that deserves mention.  Here’s just one example:

An all-glass frontage.  Very much up-to-date, and able to compete with Bracknell’s Lexicon.

As far as we know, the borough council hasn’t released its plans for the rest of the mall.  But, if we remember correctly, the council is keen to create an ‘up-market’ environment that will attract ‘quality’ retailers.  Which could mean turning the remaining shops into something that’s not necessarily fashionable, but which differentiates Camberley from the Lexicon.

The other day we were walking through a shopping mall that seems to fit the bill.  Or, put it another way, we liked what we saw!  Here are a couple of photos for reference:

Would something like that suit Camberley?




9 thoughts on “Shop windows

  1. Would something like that suit Camberley?

    No, those windows look very old fashioned, rather like the Burlington Arcade. Leave the old fashioned look to Guildford. I prefer the more modern look.

    • Oh, it’s all a matter of personal taste, of course. But your comparison with Burlington Arcade does tend to confirm it looks ‘upmarket’ – which is the objective. (The council has never officially abandoned its aim of becoming a Top 100 town.)

  2. I have learned that people with failing eyesight and dementia see dark areas of floor as holes to be walked round and lights on very reflective areas can also be confusing so matt would be better. Town planners don’t seem to know that

  3. I think your Guildford picture speaks volumes.

    Camberley Stabdard. Cheap, ugly Lino flooring.
    .. And our High Street continues to Rot.

  4. Thanks Mike. I deliberately didn’t say, but the ‘up-market’ shop windows I illustrated are in Solihull. I’ve known Solihull for decades; I used to reckon it was on a par with Camberley, but it’s way ahead now. For a start, it has a John Lewis…..

  5. The new flooring in the Mall (Square …whatever ) is shocking. What a waste of tax payers money ripping up a perfectly decent tiles with far more class

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