Have You left town?

You – the outfitters in Park Street – have had notices in their windows for a few days saying that they are closed due to illness.

Sadly, it looks pretty terminal.  The shop has been cleared apart from a heap of rubbish.

It’s nearly always depressing when a shop closes. Money and jobs lost, and hopes dashed.


8 thoughts on “Have You left town?

  1. So 15 retail shops avaialble in The Mall according to my search . Three more shops available in Princess Way plus of course the old BHS store with 1 more Princess Way shop exiting in January and another hoping to make the most of December and then think again in January .
    All this before Bracknell opens its brand new centre in September with the type of shops Camberley would die for ….and it’s dying right now based on the number of shops available.

    • If you’re right about Jones Bootmaker (I’ve not walked past it for a few days), it’s not really a surprise. The chain had financial problems some months ago, and was only just ‘saved’ at the last moment. (I took an ‘archive’ photo of our store at the time.) I’ve just Googled, and the Jones shop in Stratford-upon-Avon closed on Sunday, so maybe ‘saved’ isn’ the right word.

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