We have a nasty feeling….

Note, much of the following was written some time ago.  Read on for the latest position…

If the borough council starts to redevelop Ashwood House in earnest before Christmas, it will probably mean that Christmas parking won’t be available on Level 3A of Main Square car park.  But by then The Lexicon – Bracknell’s new shopping centre – will have been open for several months.  Its new 1300 space car park will be open too.

It’ll be hard for Camberley to compete!


The notice in our photo below appeared on level 3A on 2nd August.  It really is wonderful timing – for Bracknell.   Concerningly, we’ve not seen any suggestion that the council will provide alternative parking;  it’s almost certainly too late to level the London Road Block and used that as a temporary facility.  Maybe the park-and-ride that used to operate from Victoria Avenue car park will be reinstated?  Otherwise, lucky old Bracknell!


The long-awaited planning application to convert Ashwood House (into 116 flats with 100 parking spaces) has just appeared.

Rather remarkably, the application says that the site can’t be seen from the public road.  Based on the artist’s impression, we rather hope that this is true.


6 thoughts on “We have a nasty feeling….

    • Oh, everyone – including the council, I’m sure – knows the parking provision is inadequate. But it’ll be in compliance with central govt ‘guidelines’ for town-centre accommodation (where residents are expected to use public transport more than average). If you read what I wrote about the proposal to convert Compass House on the A30 into flats, you’ll see that it has as an even lower ration of parking to flats. (I’m writing that from memory, but I think it’s right.)

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