Does ‘officialdom’ read what it writes?

We’ve commented before on official documents that contain gobbledegook.  Clearly no-one read them carefully before releasing them.  A recent example struck us – it was a county council statutory notice in the local paper giving warning that the road across the level crossing would be closed at some point.  But when, exactly?

Easy.  “These works are anticipated to be carried out between the hours of 23:30 on 24th August 2017 and 05:30 on 25th August 2017” [that’s clear so far.  However, the notice then continues…] “within one night of the six-month period of operation of this Temporary Traffic Order that commences on 24th August 2017.”

Now, we know what the notice is trying to say, and we know that the county council cannot guarantee exactly when Network Rail will do the work.  But surely there are better ways of describing the situation?


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