Brave new World

Who knew that the shop in the London Road that was last occupied by ‘Cash Zone’ was called ‘Brave new World’ perhaps forty or more years ago?  (The recently-revealed black and white shop sign is a bit of history, from the time when local phone numbers started with ‘CAM’, rather than 01276.)

It’s a couple of months since we pointed out that the premises were going to be turned into a new hairdressing salon, but it’s only recently that there has been clear evidence of the shop being fitted out for its new use.

But no, we don’t know why there was a road-roller parked outside when we took our photo. Though it’s one way of reserving a parking space!


6 thoughts on “Brave new World

  1. I’m saying I’m old fashion or always looking to the past, but the type and heading looks really nice, perhaps the Mall should have an oldie world look to it, Who knows it may bring in some custom.

  2. I’ve been pondering this since yesterday. I’ve got a bit of a feeling that the sign might not be as old as you think, and that perhaps there was some sort of modelling shop there before (the sort that sells “fantasy” figurines that look like creatures from films like Lord of the Rings – no idea what it’s really called). That would put it back in 90s rather than earlier. I can’t find any evidence to suggest my hunch is right, and the phone number is now a fax, so we’ll probably never know!

    • I based my guess, Paul, on this info from Wikipedia: “The STD system was completed in 1979,[2] though most of the country was covered well before then.” So the odds are that the shop sign is ‘well before’ 1979. Ergo forty years plus. But maybe not, of course.

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