Deflowering in Knoll Walk

We’ve mentioned the council’s plans and consultation for the High Street a couple of times.  But we’ve not previously reported the proposal to ‘remove the planters and obstacles from the centre of Knoll Walk to create a much wider and more flexible space.’  ‘Communal benches, space for market stalls/pop-up food outlets and attractive planting and lighting could be installed.’

Frankly, we think the idea is potty!  Market stalls and pop-up food outlets almost certainly won’t be operational on weekdays.  On a grey November weekday, they’ll probably be be empty, creating an abandoned, rather than a vibrant, atmosphere.

Knoll Walk isn’t a route where people linger – or are likely to linger.  It’s on the way to or from somewhere.  It certainly could be improved, but not by the smell of fried onions (who will ensure that only ‘up-market’ food is sold??). So our favourite flower bed – which we  praised recently – would be eliminated for no good reason.

Remember, if you want to respond formally to the consultation, just e-mail your thoughts to


17 thoughts on “Deflowering in Knoll Walk

  1. what a crazy idea, it is one of the few area’s that gives the town a little colour and a pleasure to walk through on the way to the shops. Keep the stalls where they belong amongst the shops!

  2. Yet another crazy idea and waste of our money leave things alone, it brings colour and enjoyment to the people(who by the way) keep you the Council employed, when passing by. Sort the town out first its a disgrace.

  3. I spent some time yesterday reviewing the “latest proposal” from the Town Hall.
    The new Yellow Brick Road looks delightful and free of vehicles.
    [Camberley High Street] Discussion starts about Town Hall 🙂

    The external consultants clearly have very little local insight. They need to read the Eye.

    Camberley High Street should have the same treatment and consideration as Park Street.
    It needs to be Closed to trucks and the Parking Crocodile. People and Disabled access only.

    Impact of the Town Centre Pubic realm proposal …

    1. Visit and view Camberley Town – A Service Yard Heaven.
    2. In the street display panels, there is no mention of Services Yard access
    3. High Street Crocodile [convoy of cars and vans] will continue looking for parking
    Up the High Street turn right, and right down Knoll road, right and right and again

    4. Huge articulated lorry plague will still thunder up the narrow High Street
    5. Night time. Same Lorries will drive the wrong way down the High Street
    6. Little open space. Note SHBC Knoll Road – Trees and green verge a delight.

    7. Service yards 1, 2 and 4 could be served directly A30 – Northern access
    8. Obelisk Way could front small open space. Camberley Green [Ex Allders]
    9. Service Yard 6 access could through old Post Office. From Broadway

    No Trucks then need access via High Street.

    • But the council is adamant that the High Street will remain open to traffic. As I’ve already written – this is a gamble which could go wrong. (I spoke to the consultants in Princess Way and made this point. Their view is that once drivers realise that the High Street is more friendly to pedestrians they’ll naturally avoid trying to drive up it. Maybe, maybe not….

    • Indeed, it’s the most colourful thing in the town – with the flower beds in the adjacent office block adding to the picture. There’s no doubt the harsh geometry of the beds in Knoll Walk could be changed and improved, but taking up space for stalls and pop-up food outlets, which will be empty much of the time, is a move in the wrong direction.

  4. The problem when you have a leader of the Council that essentially runs everything paired with a CEO who’s only experience is being a Council bureaucrat, there is no frame of reference based on any reality in common with the residents. and no democratic process to bring any common sense into the equation. The only thing they have succeeded in doing so far is spending vast amounts of taxpayer money on something that they can run further into the ground. The flower beds are one of the few things really nice in the Town Centre, but they were there long before these two clowns. Making that walk into a parade of pop up bottom-feeding kebab cooking and junk selling tables is a shocking mistake.

    • I can sort-of understand a consultant suggesting some silly ideas (a consultant should stimulate thinking by the client and not simply play safe). But the client should filter out the nonsenses before consulting publicly.)

      • The consultants at Surrey Heath have one goal, themselves. So they will say whatever they’re told… They are laughing all the way to the bank, the bank of the residents of Surrey Heath. As they say, good work if you can get it…

  5. Or is it as simple as…there is a cost to planting and maintaining flower beds, more pavement is much cheaper to look after!

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