Camberley High Street – place YOUR bet!

A few days ago we published an item suggesting that the council was gambling with the future of the High Street.  In practice, it can’t be SURE that its proposals are the best option, or are even workable.

We pointed out that, if the council went ahead with the proposed restriction in traffic and parking, the result might be a continuous traffic jam when the road is busy.  But, like the council, we can’t be sure.

In our article we gave a link to the council website which describes the proposals and which invites feedback.  (Here is the link again  As part of the consultation process, the council set up a stall in Princess Way for a few hours yesterday.  

We visited the stall, and took the opportunity to say i) it would be relatively easy to restrict parking relatively cheaply for a trial period, to see what the consequences are, and ii) there’s really no need to limit traffic significantly during much of the week, but that a total ban during busy times, such as Saturday afternoons, would be a real benefit.

That’s just our view, of course.  If you were unable to visit the stall, you can still see what’s proposed by popping in to the museum.  Or, if your mind is already made up, do send your thoughts to

The council has proposed – but not implemented – improvements to the High Street for many years, of course.  However, just possibly this time it means business.  So, to quote a traditional instruction, ‘Speak now, or forever hold your peace.’



5 thoughts on “Camberley High Street – place YOUR bet!

  1. The plans show trees being planted… then of course when you see the proposed images, these are trees in big plant pots.
    I see ‘highway pinch point’ mentioned in these plans. Now I start to cringe. Does this work in places like Winchester or Godalming?? Not really. It ends up with the traffic and parking being so disrupted that it goes to busses and taxis only or similar very quickly as it gridlocks the town.
    If the council is going to make the high street for pedestrians then fine but should go about it in a professional full on manner and not be half hearted about it.
    They should also consider introducing short term parking rates rather than screw everyone for a couple of quid even if for a short visit.
    Whats the point in canvassing peoples opinion in the town centre without publicising it in any way when many people have long decided not to use the town centre due to the parking greed? As a minimum, should the council not publish ideas like this in Heathscene or similar or would that be too much like common sense?

    • Do submit your comments to the council. I’ve provided the feedback email address in the blog item. (If you’re a Hitchhiker’s Gude fan, you’ll recognise the council’s approach to consultation. Put the info on Alpha Centauri…)

  2. I spotted that tent as I walked down the High Street, but didn’t actually go past it since I had no reason to go that way. Might it not have made more sense, since they were asking about the High Street, to put it in the High Street?

    • Am afraid the High Street is too dangerous for a tent and probably polluted? Too many parked cars and too many cars streaming along it and it is not pedestrianized yet? But a jolly good question.. the council will know why this tent was not on the High Street….I look forward to comments from them and our Councillors of course.???!!!

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