PizzaExpress – the inside story

A couple of weeks or so ago, we reported that the local PizzaExpress was closed for a make-over.  We’ve now received a press release about the new decor; here is a little of what it says.  It’s really satisfying to see that the new look has a local flavour, and that it isn’t just a statement of nation-wide uniformity.


PizzaExpress in Camberley has reopened with a stylish new look. The revamped restaurant, which draws heavy inspiration from the nearby Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, has an exciting new colour scheme, smart new banquette and booth seating, and pendant lighting.

Design features have been influenced by military uniform, including stripes associated with an officer’s rank. The kitchen walls have been fully re-tiled using a combination of matt black and gloss black tiles fixed in a chevron pattern. The new tiled floor and oak panelling also feature the chevron motif.

Bespoke, abstract artworks throughout the restaurant portray military stripes green and metallic copper tones. The bar has been revamped, and for those who like to dine alfresco, the outside has had a makeover complete with new furniture, windbreaks and planters.

“A Pizza History:

  • PizzaExpress has been obsessed with pizza ever since its founder Peter Boizot opened his first restaurant on Wardour Street in London’s Soho in 1965
  • PizzaExpress was one of the first restaurants to adopt open kitchens where its skilled pizzaiolos stretch, toss and top each freshly prepared pizza
  • PizzaExpress now has 450 restaurants across the UK
  • For more information visit

2 thoughts on “PizzaExpress – the inside story

  1. Looks great and I’m loving the theme they’ve gone for here. It may take me a little while to get used to but hopefully they’ve also refurbished the bathrooms. I’m still curious as to if they have added or even changed some items on their menu as well.

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