Has the council any power over hanging baskets?

We really like the colourful flower baskets and troughs that have been around the town for a little while now.  Full marks to those who provided them.  Sadly, there’s an exception:

Understandably, no-one is watering the hanging baskets outside the Cambridge Hotel.  As part of the ‘gateway’ to the town, it rather lets the side down.


7 thoughts on “Has the council any power over hanging baskets?

  1. The Duke of York and Robins Cinema are examples of what is likely to happen to a historic building whose value will be greatly increased by making it dangerous and irrepairable and then sold for building ugly flats. I expect it will be torched soon as an insurance job. And its in the councils interests to allow this to happen to help meet their accomodation building requirements. The only way to stop it is to serve massive fines to the owners who allow it to happen by not securing the building adaquately. The hotel at the moment has no adaquate security.

    Perhaps the council should buy it and use it for social housing !

    • Perhaps. On the other hand, I suspect the council would be quite happy to see the owner redevelop the building as a good-looking block of flats. So there’s no reason for it to go through a fire/dereliction process. Actually, it’s a bit of a puzzle that the owner hasn’t submitted a planning application for it yet.

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