Will Bill Stickers ever be prosecuted?

We’ve not heard the old joke about Bill Stickers being prosecuted for quite a while.  But we were reminded of it when we passed the former Job Centre building at the top of Park Street the other day.  The windows were plastered with out-of-date posters for an event in Frimley Lodge Park.

We don’t know who owns the building.  But if the borough council allows commercial organisations to run events in the park, surely one condition should be that advertising posters are not stuck up on vacant buildings without permission.  In addition, all posters should be removed after the event is over.  The Fun Park event that the posters in our photo advertise finished on 9th July.


5 thoughts on “Will Bill Stickers ever be prosecuted?

  1. According to http://www.environmentlaw.org.uk/rte.asp?id=48

    In England/Wales, fly-posting is illegal (in certain circumstances) under the Highways Act 1980 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Offences under the 1980 Act include that of obliterating a traffic sign, while under the 1990 Act it is an offence to display an advertisement in a way that breaches specified regulations. Legal measures to prevent fly-posting include:

    On-the-spot fines of up to £80
    Use of fixed penalty notices
    Prosecution in a magistrates’ court
    Special powers to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour
    Charging the offender for the cost of removing the posters

    I think the police or council should use their powers and recover all costs.
    Why spend millions on the public realm and then tolerate this.

  2. Personally, I’ve never been into the idea of bill stickers. I think it’s ridiculous the amount being put up especially for far away circuses that have already been and gone. Whilst some adverts appeal to certain individuals, an over exaggerated amount of paper cluttering derelict doorways isn’t acceptable in my opinion. If people want to heavily advertise a product or event, they should be turning to other methods which are just as effective or even more effective, such as billboards or even websites rather than creating unnecessary mess. Also, they should be removing adverts once an event has happened not several weeks or months after.

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