Kerry Roberts – sad news

It’s always sad when a shop closes.  Kerry Roberts – a name that’s been around in the town centre for many years – has shut permanently.


18 thoughts on “Kerry Roberts – sad news

  1. Development and progress in Camberley is at dinosaur pace. Customers are going elsewhere and the local councils lack of vision (a vision fit for the next decade and the changing world we live in) is a apparently non existent. Just what do they do in Knoll House apart from flick out surveys about surveys and attend meetings about meetings???

    On a mid morning visit the other day the footfall from Boots to the centre of the mall was about half a dozen shoppers.

    The Atrium (?) must be related to the white elephant down the A30 and the disconnect between the Atrium and the Mall is a lesson in how not to plan a town.

    Top 100 in how to get it so wrong.

    • Of course, the council’s plans are to open up east-west links in the town. (But some council plans haven’t made much progress in 30 years, so don’t hold your breath! Just possibly the revamp of the Mall will include creating an east-west link that’s open full-time.)

  2. All of us and SHBC should accept that Camberley is never going to be a large thriving town. Just stroll around Reading to see how it should be done and why people will drive there for shopping. There are local towns which can compete with Reading and Camberley is NOT one of them. Having accepted that, let us appreciate Park Street which is replacing the High Street as a pleasant shopping experience, free (mainly) of vehicles.. The Council should be encouraging small town LOCAL businesses by offering low rents and free parking for an hour and cheap parking thereafter. Keep the High Street vehicular so people can park and shop quickly.The High Street is dying as a high street shopping area. Let it.

    • Totally agree on lower rates & taxes in high streets, the smaller independents are being shoved out of town to make way for the large corporates, in every single high street, morphing every high street in the UK. I think its time the medium, small and smaller independents get together to formulate some kind of plan of action to create alternative opportunities to the overpriced high street where customers don’t want to pay higher prices but still want quality and individuality. Any ideas or suggestions?

  3. Does anyone know WHY Kerry Roberts closed? I booked an appointment with them for this Friday. I only booked it a week ago. Odd they didn’t tell me then when I was standing right in front of them? I’ve looked for insolvency or forfeiture notices in the window which would suggest a sudden closure but there is nothing except the notice shown here.

  4. Lower rents means more shop units occupied, means more income for the Council. More shoppers means more income for the town means shopkeepers expand. Of course, it also requires the Council to encourage visitors – not persecute them (eg for parking innocently in the slip road!)

  5. I walked past it today and it was sad to see it all bordered up. Remember seeing it full of life and not thinking too much of it back then. It’s only when a shop closes that you really do think about what it was like when open…

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