Petition the council to provide free air fresheners?

When we wrote about Tuesday’s meeting of the borough council’s Executive recently, we didn’t mention one of the agenda items – ‘Main Square Multi-Storey Car Park Capital Improvements’.  This came fairly late in the meeting, and the public wasn’t allowed to be present while it was discussed.


Stating the obvious, we don’t know what was said.  But, as the main stairs of the Mall car park smelt more unpleasant than usual yesterday, a remedy is needed NOW.  We can’t wait for capital improvements to provide a solution – even if that’s what’s planned.

(It was particularly unfortunate that there were more visitors in the town than usual yesterday for ‘Camberley’s Big Day Out’.  A lot of work went into creating a good impression of the town, but some people’s visit will have ended unfavourably.)

The borough council, of course, isn’t responsible for causing the smell;  that’s the result of some weak-bladdered anti-social people.  But the problem isn’t unique to Camberley, and there are some well-known measures to counter it.

Oh, and while we’re discussing the car park, perhaps we should mention – again – those tired lights that have been burning electricity pointlessly for perhaps a couple of years.  Of course, the cost is trivial in comparison to the £2000-ish that the council has borrowed for every person in the borough.  But if the council can’t manage easy things like switching off lights, how can we have confidence that it can cope with more-challenging projects?


2 thoughts on “Petition the council to provide free air fresheners?

  1. It’s been like this since I was a child- the unpleasant smell on Level 3 was what I disliked the most. Camberley has potential and so does its town centre car park. I don’t think it needs a mega revamp, but I think it definently needs more than a lick of paint to address the issues concerning smell and lighting. Also, perhaps they could do something to the stairs as the paint is fading away which isn’t good for anyone who has trouble seeing.

    • The council executive meeting a couple of weeks ago did discuss a five-page document – ‘Main Square Multi-Storey Car Park Capital Improvements’. Sadly, the public weren’t permitted to be present, so I can only guess what the improvements might be….

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