Camberley’s loss is Frimley’s gain

We gather that the Furniture Warehouse in Camberley’s High Street is moving to bigger premises in Frimley.  Best wishes to them when they go.


4 thoughts on “Camberley’s loss is Frimley’s gain

  1. If ever there was any doubt about how trade is in Camberley then look on the shop property website ..and these 19 shop lacations are almost all attached to the Mall.Some of the shops are still trading and seemingly some major national retailers giving up on the town.Anyone told SHBC ?
    Maybe rent expectations are too high ,time to get real .
    Meanwhile Farnborough and Bracknell retail developments progress towards a finish- still, after we have had the consultations and then yet more planning , I’m sure Camberley will look great in a few years but how many retailers will be left trading that will attract the shoppers we badly need ?As the saying goes,you can’t polish a turd!!!

    • I do look at the property websites from time to time, and they’re not good news. But, trying to be optimistic, Camberley has always had a high ‘churn’ in it’s shop occupancy. I’ve counted something like eighty changes in the last couple of years. So just maybe… On the other hand,a few national retailers do seem to want to quit, as you say. Which is worrying.

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