A bit more about the parking app

A few days ago, we wrote a comment saying that council communications must be crystal clear.  Not everyone has an above-average IQ, and the council shouldn’t say anything that might mislead its readership.  Our particular objection was that the new parking payment system was being promoted as a way of saving money. The fact that the saving won’t apply for very long, and that the only longer-term benefit to the user is likely to be convenience, isn’t mentioned in the pay machine’s on-screen advertisement shown below.

(Let’s be clear.  The Eye supports the idea of an app to make paying easier.  We’re also quite comfortable with the fact that there is a charge to use it.  If it had been described more accurately, we’d have no concerns.)

On Tuesday we watched an elderly gentleman trying to cope with the new pay machine screen.  We would have helped him more quickly, but we wanted to be sure that he was actually struggling before we interfered.  Anyway, it became obvious that he was having difficulties.  He made several stabs at the screen, but missed the green bar along the bottom entirely.  He then started to walk away, at which point we got involved.

Come on, borough council.  Keep things simple and don’t deceive!


7 thoughts on “A bit more about the parking app

  1. Camberkeyitis meaning…unable to communicate in a clear, and efficient manner.

    See flash little shopping mag. See iteresting offers eg free Boots Eyetest See small print says offer only open to Camberley Rewards Card Holders..on which there is no information.

    Town and its administration needs to be flattened and start again.

    See pics

    Cheers Emil J

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. Went to Knoll Road car park today… was going on a walk around Camberley..forgot my camera! Who knows that it closes down at 8 pm …if there is not a show on at the Theatre?…the many signs before you enter are really misleading until you pull up to drive into the car park…However, bless them, there is an emergency number to call if you get stuck!

  3. Online payment is great but SO frustrating that the council is using yet another supplier, who on earth is Glide Effortless Parking? When so many of us are already registered with the likes of Ring Go (used by many rail stations) it would be so much easier to consolidate suppliers.

    • Glide is just the name of the system/app. But it requires you to open a Masterpass account no matter how secure this is, it’s yet another opportunity for data to ‘leak’

  4. As a smartphone user, downloading the app doesn’t really bother me, but I know that friends and family who aren’t into using apps may not be so keen. In my opinion, I wish the prices for parking were equal to that of the app’s, but the option of online payment still available. Although the lower prices seem very appealing if you frequently drive into town, I am concerned about the app’s safety especially since bank account information has to be given for payments to be made in the first place. However, I am in agreement that the advertisement on the pay machine screens isn’t so clear and when I first saw it, I thought I couldn’t pay without the app until I slowly read on to see you could still pay without having downloaded it.

    • In principle, the app seems little different from eg Ringo. But it’s the fact that it’s being promoted as a saving – without saying that this is a temporary arrangement – that annoys me.

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