Recycling. What a load of rubbish

Believe it or not, there’s another consultation about our local ‘tips’.  Yet again, the county council’s aim is to reduce costs.  Camberley could be affected by the proposed changes – you can find more details here:  Complete the questionnaire!


12 thoughts on “Recycling. What a load of rubbish

  1. Just more typical Tory cuts. Reduce the council tax if you remove important services. It was only a matter of time since the last round of services reduction. What a shambles this will cause. Shame lies with the Tory council in every single respect for even starting this and it will cost more than it saves.

    • We do seem to be suffering a succession of consultations/cut-backs in the ‘recycling’ service. This doesn’t seem a very efficient way of going about things.

  2. I’m not interested in the politics of this, but I do wonder how I would ever have known of be existence of this survey, which I have completed, were it not for Camberley Eye. So, many thanks once again.

  3. Just a quick word on the survey which I have completed. I am concerned that the ranking preference is 1 to 6 with 1 being the least preferable whereas in most surveys 1 is the prefered option. The survey does tell the respondent this twice but I think it may be overlooked.

    Best wishes,



  4. If you used the re cycling centres you would have been handed a leaflet with the website address to fill in your views the bottom line is it will lead to more fly tipping forget trying to save money the clean up bill from this will out weigh any savings,what are we paying Council Tax for

    • I rarely go to the ‘tip’. But it seems inevitable that the more difficult it is to dispose of unwanted ‘stuff’, the more likely it is to end up in a ditch somewhere.

  5. Restricting the availability of CRCs will add to the huge queues and delays that are already evident on busy weekends, causing inconvenience, disruption to traffic and creating high levels of in-town pollution. As a result of this there will be a guaranteed increase in the incidence of fly tipping which is already a scourge across the whole county. Fly tipping cannot be ignored which means that the council will have to spend additional funds clearing it up which will counter any savings made! In fact the government recently announced that in order to reduce the cost and anti-social nature of fly tipping CRCs should be made more available and the cost free allowance increased. Surrey seems intent on doing the reverse! Short term savings but longer terms costs both financially and socially.

    • Of course, there must be tension between the borough and county councils over this issue. The CRCs are the responsibility of the county council; cleaning up fly-tipping is done at borough council’s expense.

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