The puzzle is preserved!

You’ve probably noticed that the white paint road markings around the town have been renewed over recent months.  This includes at least some cycle lane markings.

But there is an exception.  You may remember that, years ago, the paving slabs outside the Premier Inn were removed during some excavation work.  When they were replaced, they weren’t put back in exactly the same order.  As they had a cycle lane painted across them before the work started, the final result looked like  a child’s puzzle;  the sort of toy where small tiles have to be moved around to unjumble a picture.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the recent repainting exercise seems to have baulked at the challenge of making sense of the scrambled markings;  they’re still there, with no new paint, so we can laugh at the county council’s poor performance.


6 thoughts on “The puzzle is preserved!

  1. The decision to not renew the cycle lane markings must have been a decision by SCC. This suggests that either they consider the markings to be unnecessary (in which case, why paint them originally) or they consider the markings necessary but do not know what order to put them. Why did they not get the contractor to return and put it right?
    A further thought – now they have renewed the markings on the A30, presumably they will start thinking about resurfacing to fill in the potholes – so much of the new marking will disappear.

    • I imagine that SCC delegates pretty much entirely to its contractor. Not a good policy, of course, but we just pay the bill. And, of course, there is a plan (there’s always a plan) to revamp the A30. It’s a wonderful excuse to do nothing. (‘Nothing’ includes widening the top of the Frimley Road to improve the traffic flow. I suspect the whole idea has been forgotten by now, though once upon a time the developer of the former Duke of York was supposed to carry it out.)

  2. As you know, it was agreed that the developer of the Duke of York could pay what seemed to be a fairly modest sum to discharge the responsibility of widening the Frimley Road. No doubt it’s been spent by now on filling in potholes……..!

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