The name ‘Mall’ to go

Ever since the borough council acquired the Mall, we’ve been predicting that it’ll undergo a change of name.  Not everyone agrees with us.  But they’ve ignored a very broad hint:  as this photo says, ‘Mall to go’.

No we’re not being entirely serious!  But there’s nothing much to be seen around the town at the moment that’s particularly newsworthy.  The latest planning applications are mainly for house extensions, and tonight’s planning committee agenda doesn’t include any applications for Camberley.  Perhaps the topic that quickens some local pulses the most is the proposal to change ward boundaries.  You can find more information here:



One thought on “The name ‘Mall’ to go

  1. Despite all that vending machine fun, it’s very quiet down that end of the Mall I find. The photo booths get my approval though and are even better with friends because of all the cool filters and effects you can add to your photos! Never tried the machines vending soft drinks, but am curious as to how much the drinks cost and if the price(s) are cheaper than, equal to or more expensive than the price(s) they are sold at in the major supermarkets. The little toys being vended look great. However, their small size makes them prone to becoming lost quickly! I’m sorry to ramble on but I just really love all those ‘Mall to Go’ goodies on offer.

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