What and where is the ‘fire point’?

We’re probably all rather aware at the moment how easily fire can spread. Which prompted the Eye to think about fires in multi-storey car parks.  The scenario is easy to imagine – stationary and locked cars close to each other, with at least one model having a reputation for catching fire all on its own.  Whoosh….

No doubt the best thing in such an event is to get well-away.  But, if it happens in Knoll Road car park, anyone who has read the notice at the entrance will have seen at the bottom that there’s a fire point on the ground floor.  As a result, they might be tempted to spend valuable time staying inside the building looking for a fire extinguisher.  However, we’ve tried to find one – and failed.  There is a ‘dry riser’ outside the building for use by the fire brigade, but for the rest of us there’s nothing.  (Maybe it’s actually within the car park office? – in which case, it’s probably often under lock and key – but we doubt it.)

Can’t you do better than this, borough council?  It’s quite a new notice, so there’s no excuse.


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