What does the Highway Code say about this?

There are three yellow stripes painted on the kerb outside the estate agent on the corner of the junction between Portesbery Road and the High Street.  Now our copy of the Highway Code doesn’t seem to mention THREE stripes on a kerb, so what do they indicate?   (If, like the Eye, you walk around looking at your feet, you’ll know of one other place in Camberley where the kerb displays three yellow stripes.  No prizes on offer, but where is it?)



7 thoughts on “What does the Highway Code say about this?

  1. Threè stripes mean no loading or unloading at any time. I believe that the west entrance to the Mall where the oap tea shop is has these. They are to ensure the emergency services can always get into the Mall.

  2. It’s the old 1990’s Highway Code where 3 dashes meant absolutely no parking…ever, even for disabled badge holders. This has been replaced with just the double dash! Show’s how long it has been since the road lines were repainted!

  3. I always understood that one stripe is no parking at all and two stripes no parking at all, at all – so three mean no parking at all, at all, at all. But that’s the Irish explanation

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