Who does the council think it’s kidding?

In the last few days there’s been considerable discussion in Facebook about the urinary nature of the principal stairs in Camberley’s Main Square car park.  And yesterday we took these photos showing that the large passenger lift was out of action (it had been for several days, we believe) and that a pay-machine (we think, ALL the pay-machines) was not accepting payment by credit card.

Now we’ve heard senior borough council representatives say that they want the Mall to attract ‘quality’ stores with ‘quality’ customers.  In practice, they’re encouraging cash-only customers who don’t mind having to use pissy – and damaged – stairs.


6 thoughts on “Who does the council think it’s kidding?

  1. Camberley is getting beyond a joke now…..I hope the public are given plenty of time to ask questions on Monday, but more importantly get some honest answers from these public servants.

  2. We have heard all this before, promises promises if the Council really want high end retailers they are looking at the wrong end. The Mall is becoming a joke.

    • As part of an overall strategy for the town, the Mall could go up market. But I very much doubt that the council has the commitment to do what’s required. So it’s all just candy floss promises.

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