What caused the damage?

The entrance to the lifts that used to descend from Main Square car park to BHS has been boarded-up for some while.  But  some of the temporary wooden doors seemed recently to have been ripped from their supports.  It must have taken quite a lot of force to do this;  was it vandalism, or was it necessary as a prelude to redeveloping the building.  Or was it ‘simply’ the wind?

UPDATE – the damage (if that’s what it was) has been repaired, and we may never know what it was all about.  But, while we’re talking about level 3A of Main Square car park, it’s vaguely interesting to note that metal security doors have just been fitted over the secondary entrance to Ashwood House.  That seems a bit belated – similar doors were fitted quite a while to other entrances to the building.


2 thoughts on “What caused the damage?

  1. I’m interested in the history of Ashwood House. Since BHS closed, I’ve been curious as to what will happen to Level 3A. I’ve only used Level 3A once years ago and whilst the appearance of Ashwood House over the years isn’t so appealing, its history and architecture is. Will there be any way in which this can be preserved? Will the wooden signs and the Ashwood House sign themselves be scrapped or preserved?

    • Level 3A was closed months ago, apparently because of ‘vandalism’ Planning has been granted to turn the upper floors into about 100 commercial flats, with retail on the ground floor. It’s taken the borough council – which owns the building – over two years to get to this point. (You ought to read the Eye more often, then you’d know all about it!)

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