Involving residents…..

The Town Centre Statement of 2014 says “Consultation will form a critical part of the work to regenerate the town centre. This will help to inform and provide direction, ensuring we are meeting residents’ needs.  The success of this strategy is grounded on residents whole-heartedly supporting the improvements proposed and working with developers to make each project the best it can possibly be. Surrey Heath Borough Council is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be engaged in the development of these proposals.”

It’s therefore somewhat ironic to note that this week’s meetings of the borough’s full council and executive will consider: “[An] update on town centre acquisitions, and [a] proposal to invest in the refurbishment of the Mall Camberley shopping centre”, but that the public will be excluded from these discussions.

Of course, there will be good reasons for excluding us residents….  Not that we’re entirely convinced by the explanation given by the council in this case – but that’s another story.


4 thoughts on “Involving residents…..

  1. I had tour of the Lexicon development in Bracknell last week and it looks fantastic. Afraid Camberley has dozed off and let neighbouring towns get too far ahead.

    It won’t be long before Farnborough, with it’s new developments and fast trains to London, becomes more desirable than Camberley.

    Such a shame.

    • Totally agree, Chris. In fact, the relative improvement of Farnborough is ‘official’. It’s classifed as a Growth Town as far as ‘govt. funding’ is concerned. Camberley is a lesser ‘Step Up’ town. Not least in Farnborough’s favour is its college – now with its University Centre. But Camberley hasn’t so much ‘dozed off’ as been anaesthetised by its borough council.

      • My recollection of the public meeting a year or so ago, Jack, was that comfort and convenience was seen by most people as more important than speed. Hence the wish was for more through trains.

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