Week-old news

It must be at least a week since Mimi Milan opened in Grace Reynolds Walk;  but this is the first time we’ve shown the new fashion shop.  Let’s hope it thrives.


2 thoughts on “Week-old news

  1. Can anyone explain why the UK is so obsessed with pay carparking..everywhere. Here down in SW France towns, beaches,lakesides dont do it..the amenities often available are a class above and there is no litter.
    Even with less population to tax they manage it well. Maybe SHBC should twin their Top100 town with some in Europe and learn a thing or 100? Whoops I forgot the local population voted for isolationismand put their faith in Johnson Fox Davis and Gove…big mistake.
    Pretty sure Mimi Milan would have a better future if Camberley was a better run town with some visionary ideas about accesibility.

  2. Redsnapper, I disagree somewhat. The borough council doesn’t lack vision – it’s even produced a vision document and video, as you undoubtedly know. What I believe it lacks is adequate practical understanding or the ability (and, in some cases, I suspect the commitment) to deliver what it promises. So, after years – decades – of unfulfilled promises, the council’s plans for Camberley lack any credibility. I actually don’t care – in principle – about the cost of car parking. I do care that the subsequent ‘reward’ justifies the cost. But this equation is put in jeopardy as soon as anyone leaves Main Square car park by the main stairs; it’s a squalid experience that’s best avoided. The council can’t blame anyone else for this; they’ve always owned the building.

    (As far as litter in the town centre is concerned, the fault, of course, lies with those using the town. The borough council does a good job of cleaning up after them.)

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