Camberley Carnival – a reminder, and more

Today – Saturday – is Camberley Carnival day.  So the High Street, and some roads leading to/from it, will be closed.

But for how long does the closure last?  As one of the High Street notices that we’ve photographed says, parking is banned for twenty four hours between 4:00am and 1:00pm.  (Look carefully, the arithmetic seems dubious, but that’s what it says.)

And, as the other notice that we’ve photographed advises, if you want further information, you should contact “Surrey Heath County Council”.  Of course, there’s no such body;  Surrey Heath has yet to become a county!(By the way, the Eye rarely reports on events in the town.  There’s no point in competing with umpteen official and unofficial cameras or smart phones.  So we don’t even try.  Only if something turns out to be particularly relevant to the Eye will we be saying anything further.  In the meantime, we hope that the carnival is a great success.)


6 thoughts on “Camberley Carnival – a reminder, and more

  1. No wonder I miss so much of what’s going on in the town! I’ve been reliant on you and your hawk eyes and now you tell us you leave it to the council (who don’t even know what they’re called!) to tell me. No wonder I never know about events till they’ve been and gone.

    • You’ll not be surprised that I’m actually not in the town 24×7. In fact, there are some 24s when I’m not in the town at all… So, rather than be under pressure to be present for every event, it’s easier to ‘be present’ for none. But if I had been in Camberley today, I’d be reporting that I heard the carnival described by someone as “pants”, and that I spoke to several people who said that they didn’t know about the carnival and had never heard about the International Festival, of which it was supposed to be the grand finale. None of which surprised me. Unfortunately.

  2. After talking to you I have found the Carnival website and asked for Publicity next time, including a banner. The flier handed out in the High Street this morning telling us what would be on at the rec asked for comments on Facebook or Twitter but I don’t use either…. A large part of the populace doesn’t use social media, smartphone or even computer (thereby missing the Eye) and don’t buy Camberley News & Mail. We haven’t had the StarCourier for ages, unless I remember to pick it up from Sainsbury’s.
    The SHBC Communications folk need to talk to the community about how and where to publicise boldly so we might actually read notices.

    • I’ve been critical of the borough council’s inability to communicate effectively for years, Fiona – as you probably know. I’ve been watching the lead-up to the International Festival and the Carnival for quite a while, and have been seriously unimpressed. I try NOT to make negative comments about the council all the time, but sometimes this is very difficult.

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