Changing times – and name, and colour

We were looking at the boards displaying the Mall’s opening hours the other day, and we recalled the previous version before the Mall was bought by the borough council.  (We’re showing the old and – below it – the new board here.)


A couple of things strike us.  Firstly, weekday closing times are now half an hour later than they used to be.  Do shop staff have to work longer hours now?  Secondly, though we understand why the distinctive pink colour used by the previous owners had to be removed, the substitution of the word ‘Shop’ for ‘Mall’ at the top of the board isn’t ideal.  As the bottom of the board makes clear, different shops may actually be open at different times.  (More than a couple of years ago we pointed out that Sainsbury’s was actually open from 7:30am to 8:00pm.)  We can only guess that the word ‘Mall’ was deemed to be inappropriate because of its association with the former owner – and that the simple alternative of ‘Shopping Centre’ was felt to be too mundane!  How will the new branding meet the challenge, we wonder!



6 thoughts on “Changing times – and name, and colour

  1. Living proof that there is not an ounce if creativity or marketing sense in this council.
    The new signage is awful, drab and copy is written by a moron.
    Camberley Top 100 town ….you’ re having a laugh.

    • The ‘top 100’ claim was always a nonsense – especially as the council has never said how it is to be measured, let-alone where we rank. But I’ll reserve judgment about the signage. It IS pretty uninspired, but maybe it’s just a quick interim effort until the new branding is introduced. In which case, fair enough.

    • No trick photography, Steve. The times on the newer sign are in a much larger font, and are white on a dark background The previous sign used pale grey (?) on a medium blue background. The newer version is certainly more legible, though it does lack much in the way of ‘finess’.

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