And the wind it blew and blew..

The wind it blew so hard that it blew the hoarding in two..

There was a gap in the hoarding around the waste ground near the level crossing yesterday.  Almost certainly the gap was caused by the wind.  We took the opportunity to poke a camera through the opening, and the thought struck us that this would be a good location for a ‘green gateway’ to the town.  What hopes, though?

There’s still virtually no evidence that work is underway on the building.  Something’s wrong?


4 thoughts on “And the wind it blew and blew..

  1. And the old police station, built in 1892 is but a distant memory, but I remember it well, as I started my time in Camberley there in 1970.

  2. Although it has a small circulation I think this should be front page of the Camberley News. Many of my friends do not subscribe to Facebook or the Eye and would be as shocked as I am , at the length of time this eyesore has been there…..progress is still not being made after many many years…….Surely someone has had to contact the owner to advise of the wind damage?

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