The council’s wheels grind too slowly..

Recently we came across a letter from the borough council dated November 2006.  It said that the council had recently begun preparing a Town Centre Area Action Plan.  Filed with the letter was this photo – taken in 2012 – which, unless we’re mistaken, shows an exhibition in the Mall, telling residents about the progress of the Plan.

Now, it’s over a decade since the Plan started to take shape, and just over five years since that photo was taken.  But it’s a challenge to think of much that has happened in the town as a result.  Or are we wrong?

(If a plan progresses too slowly, it becomes out-of-date before the ink is dry.  For example, the Plan states the following targets: “Within the short term (Years 2012-2016) the enlargement and adaptation of existing units in Main Square (The Mall) will continue, a scheme for environmental improvements to the High Street will be agreed, a scheme for London Road Block Opportunity Area will be agreed.”  In 2017, two of those targets have yet to be achieved, and the third has made only modest progress.)


8 thoughts on “The council’s wheels grind too slowly..

  1. As usual it is too much planning and too little doing. In the end the funding gets spent on committees continually “improving” what is going to be done and before you know it there is little money left to carry anything out. Needs good leaders and deep thinkers from the start…

  2. If they just keep doing presentations and make believe consultations, you will be fooled into thinking something is actually going on. And so far they are right, the public doesn’t do anything, doesn’t say anything, nothing, so they just figure they can keep presenting and keep consulting for another decade or two…

    • Sadly, the public gets the council that it deserves… Some SHBC residents are just too wealthy; they drive/fly to other places more often than they come into the town.

      • Terrible times at the moment , BUT I do think Jo Public need to moan at the Herberts who are at the head of the helm in SHBC…..Still no comments coming in from our recently elected Councillors ? Too much secrecy ?

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