Stereoscopic vision?

Two virtually identical clothing shops appear – at first glance – to have opened in the former modelling and gaming shop in Obelisk Way.  A closer look tells a different story!.

(Soon after we took this photo, we spotted what we think were staff from the Mall removing the ‘Modelling and Gaming Supplies’ name boards above the windows.)


6 thoughts on “Stereoscopic vision?

  1. Seems a shame, surely they only moved there a few months ago. Does anyone know if Alcatraz has reopened yet?

    • They’ve been there more than a few months, Nic, but not all that much longer. If you look back a few days’ worth of Eye items, you’ll see one about Alcatraz.

  2. You’re one generation removed, Dominic. The model shop that used to be in the Mall moved to that larger shop just outside in Obelisk Way. But it then closed, and was replaced by the model and games shop. I THINK it was a coincidence that the two businesses seemed a bit similar. Anyway, it’s the second shop that closed recently.

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