Proliferating flats

Last December, we wrote about what was then a new planning application to convert Compass House on the A30 into forty one flats.


This was no great surprise – converting office blocks into flats has become commonplace.  Moreover, it’s no great surprise to discover that a subsequent application has now been submitted which proposes that the building can be converted into forty five flats rather than the previous forty one.

Last time we pointed out that the development would provide 0.8 parking spaces per available per flat. We didn’t dispute that this would comply with ‘regulations’, but we questioned whether it would be enough in practice.  Pretty obviously, the A30 isn’t a suitable place for any ‘overspill’ on-road parking.  However, the proposed increased number of flats inevitably decreases the parking provision – to 0.73 spaces per flat.

Now we’re all encouraged to cycle more, and drive less.  But, though Compass House might be classified as a ‘town centre location’, there’s no simple cycle route between it and Camberley station.    So expecting residents to ‘get on their bike’ would be pretty naive.


5 thoughts on “Proliferating flats

  1. As one half of a professional couple that have recently left an apartment complex on the A30, this seems ludicrous to me. Many of these places desire professionals, and people think that means that they probably cycle and own a smart car, however this isn’t London. We have two cars, as do most people these days and parking the second car is near on impossible without a 10 minute walk back to the flat. The only way to combat it, in my experience, is to make ALL parking on the side roads from the A30 permits, and give the residents of the roads and complexes the chance to purchase them, forcing all the shoppers and commuters to use the town car parks. Never being able to park was one of the main reasons we moved.

    • To be fair on the borough council – as I always am! – it doesn’t have much choice in the matter, I think. If it tries to insist on more parking space, the developer can always appeal to the national Planning Inspectorate which will say that town centre housing doesn’t have to have much parking space.

  2. The councils are idiots. We dont need more flats! The plan for this building is to squeeze as many flats in a possible, with a large percentage being studio flats. Its going to be like a slum tenement.

    What we need are high quality, reasonably sized and priced office space, office workers drive the day time economy, its little wonder the town is like a ghost town during the day.

    If the council had any honour they would resign, they clearly don’t know what they are doing, and are either “friends” with the developers or simply inept.

    • As I’ve just written, I think the ‘rules’ about town-centre parking allocation are pretty much set at national level. The council can be over-ridden if it tries to impose something more sensible.

    • That’s unfair to say it’s like a ghost town Weatherspoons & the Duke of Cambridge are always full ………..

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