Camberley Tourist Centre

Did you know that we have a Tourist Centre?  It’s signposted from Main Square car park.

(As we’ve pondered before, what will Main Square car park be called in future?  The Mall itself seems to have dropped the name ‘Main Square’ in favour of just ‘The Square’.)




4 thoughts on “Camberley Tourist Centre

  1. I keep checking this post, expecting somebody to write a message listing all the attractions Camberley’s tourist centre might promote, but nobody has said anything. Does that mean, perhaps, that we don’t get many tourists (“Come and see the obelisk, half of it has been missing for years but it’s on bit of a knoll, and you can see the car park across town during the winter months”, “Visit the A30, its queues, its potholes, its bus lane”).

    • Sad isn’t it. I don’t think Camberley can ever be a tourist destination – sun, sand, sea or whatever. But if the council would only pull its finger out and turn the town centre into an attractive place (without promising us nonsense like top 100 town status) we might get visitors here who want to linger and happily spend a few pounds or more in the process. In spite of positive noises (‘jam tomorrow’?), the reality is that we haven’t seen anything actually happening in that regard other than a revamped theatre bar and some cream paint in the Mall.

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