Pothole – the borough council IS responsible!

OK, the borough council isn’t generally responsible for repairing potholes in the public road.  But it IS responsible for repairing this one in Main Square car park.  As potholes go, it’s pretty minor, but it’s a reminder that the car park won’t last for ever.  According to the borough council: “The Main Square Multi-Storey car park was constructed in the mid 1970’s. A structural survey was commissioned in March 2006. The report concluded that at that time it had a 20-year life remaining.”  That means it has a little less than nine years to go….  Reflecting this, the council has written: “plans will need to be developed [by about 2017] for its replacement on the same site or an alternative site.”

(It’s noticeable that the name ‘Main Square’ disappeared from the Mall some while ago.  It’s simply called ‘The Square’.  So having a Main Square car park is largely a reminder of the past.)


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