A spot of speculation….

Normally we stick to facts.  However, just occasionally we speculate.  Usually, we get things wrong!

However, we’re going to stick our neck out again.  As the blank white hoarding facing the A30 has been with us for a while, we’re tempted to guess what’s going to appear on it.  We don’t know, of course.  But, bearing in mind that the borough council has said that it’s going to re-brand the Mall, our thinking is that we might see a new name – one to replace ‘the Mall’ – appearing in big letters.  Which still leaves the question as to what the new name might be.  We don’t have a clue!  But we’ll make a wild stab in the dark and suggest that something with a military connection might be appropriate.  Or maybe not.  Are there better suggestions?


11 thoughts on “A spot of speculation….

  1. After much consideration, and a great deal of midnight oil burnt by a thousand consultants, they will probably come up with “Camberley shopping”.

  2. Does it need a name? It always used to be called “Camberley Town Centre” before they put a roof on it and it didn’t need another name. Some people name their cars but most just refer to it as “My car”. So I vote for no name or “Camberley Town Centre”.

  3. How about…”Welcome to Camberley and eyes to the right for the stunning view of fences and razor wire screening a top Military Academy”

  4. It will stretch SHBC conflict of interest to the limit.

    If you read Camberley Website.. the Mall and Atrium are the main feature
    Nothing else to tempt you into Camberley.

    Any Business in Camberley that was not in either of those favored areas, should consider withholding local rates.

    High Street and surrounding residential side roads are simply short term FREE car park for the Mall.

    Car parks

    Main Square – multi-storey, pay on exit car park (24 hours) is the nearest car park to The Mall. Access this car park from Albert Road off Pembroke Broadway

    The Atrium – multi-storey, pay on exit car park (24 hours) is the nearest car park to The Atrium. Access this car park from Charles Street off A30

    Knoll Road – multi-storey, pay on exit car park (opening times vary according to theatre performances). Access this car park from Knoll Road off A30

    There is some free, short stay on-road parking along High Street, London Road, Southwell Park Road, Grand Avenue, Upper Gordon Road, Middle Gordon Road and Lower Gordon Road


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