Cut Throat Tattoos

We were told the other day that Cut Throat Tattoos at the top of the High Street was closing.  Needless to say, our informant appears to have been absolutely correct.  We can’t find any notice on the outside of the shop that says that it’s closed, but we peered inside the front door recently and saw no obvious sign of life.


16 thoughts on “Cut Throat Tattoos

  1. Seem s as if the business to be in is sign writing and shop fitting. No sooner do most new businesses open than they close again. Do none if them do any research as to whether there’s a demand for what they’re offering?

    • I gave a talk in the Heritage Gallery the other day. I looked back over changes in town centre shops – comings and goings – over the last two years. The figure surprised me – there have been about seventy changes in shop occupancy during that time.

      • That will change when Camberley becomes a top 100 town, with a massive John Lewis anchoring the town centre and traffic flowing freely along the redeveloped London Road into the reasonably-priced, easy-to-access car parks. Proper shops and good restaurants will be begging to come to Camberley, and stay in Camberley.

      • I did ask the council in public whether I’d be dead before ask the things we’re promised would actually be carried out. I’ll join you in your second coming…

      • Gosh! Shocking….but never mind SHBC will reverse all of this and hopefully will stop enjoying eyesores!
        Any idea who owns the fence…broken , tatty, covered in ivy , along the A 30 adjacent to the razor wire protecting Sandhurst..I was a passenger in a traffic jam yesterday and really saw close up , all the fallen and tatty fence panels …
        If they fall down and stay down , why do we need them in the first place?

        Whoever owns them and that small very long strip of land adjacent to a top Military Academy which is beautiful behind the razor wire, should be ashamed of themselves. No pride at all in their town.
        And then there is the land opposite Orchards..who owns it? …boarded up eyesore…STILL waiting for an answer from 3 Councillors! Looking forward to the meeting on 26th June in the Council Chambers …………………….

      • Former councillor Denis Fuller is still working to try to get that long strip of tatty land turned into a community asset. Fingers crossed…

  2. Thank goodness it’s closed we don’t need these type of shops if you want too attract a better class of Business,all Camberley is good for Charity, Haircut, Coffee …….

    • On principle I can’t agree. Although tattoos don’t appeal to me and I’m still influenced by their former down market image, that’s just because I’m old! I believe that Harrods have a tattoo department, so we shouldn’t complain. And hairdressers, coffee shops and do on ARE the future of town centres. It’s so much easier to buy most things via the internet; conventional shops are almost guaranteed to decline.

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