Proliferating flats

Back in January we commented on a new planning application to build six flats behind Bradley Court on Knoll Road.  This is what the flats that were proposed would look like from Knoll Walk.


In our January article we said that Bradley Court seemed to have been the subject of a surprising number of planning applications.  Well, that impression hasn’t waned.  A further application has just been submitted for a larger building than the one proposed above;  this time a development incorporating eight flats.

We objected to the earlier application on the grounds that it might have interfered with the council’s thirty-year-old plans to create a service road to the rear of the High Street.  This time, the application says “…allowance has been made to extend the existing service to complete this aim [the construction of a service road] to an adoptable standard, therefore affording the council the ability to meet this objective without expense. This is considered to be a planning gain for Surrey Heath Borough Council.”

But, though we’re reassured on this point, we’re not so sure about the size of the proposed development.  It does seem to dominate Knoll Walk.  We’ll scratch our head about that.  If you have strong feelings one way or the other, then do let the council know.  The application number is 17/0242.


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