Kitchen Kapers “shop for sale with vacant possession”

As we understand it, Kitchen Kapers has closed its Windsor and Basingstoke branches in recent years.  Regrettably, it looks like it’s now the Camberley branch’s turn.  You’ll find more details here:

We’ve been told that one of the problems with the property is that it has no rear access so all deliveries have to be made via the front of the shop.  This would create difficulties if the High Street were pedestrianised.

We have no idea who has rights to what, but certainly at the moment there’s no way of accessing the building from the back of the site.

(Thanks Jenny and Camberley Observed for alerting us to the news.)


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Kapers “shop for sale with vacant possession”

  1. We will be sorry to see it go. It’s a great wee shop with a very capable and helpful manager. One of the very few shops in Camberley that is always worth a visit.

  2. Unfortunately this is probably a sign of more closures to come. Around the town there are well known UK retal brands that are simply not taking enough to justify being open .There are independent stores that are struggling. Is this a Camberley specific issue ? It actually doesn’t matter if there was a plan in place to make changes,promote the town properly ( the current promotional events are the same as the last 5 years or more and becoming tired and boring ) .
    I fear the challenges will grow even more when Bracknell opens its new shopping mall .The question is “what does Camberley offer that will attract the locals and shoppers from outside the area”. As it stands , the answer is absolutley nothing.
    Camberley R.I.P. ……..unless drastic action is taken.

  3. Have just been into Kitchen Kapers and they assured me they are NOT closing down. Understandably they find it most unhelpful for the wrong impression to have been given. Perhaps you owe them an apology? And before speculating in future it might be worth checking the facts.

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