It looks like a local shop is closing

Sadly, it looks as if Hallowood in the Mall is closing.

We’re told that a store in the High Street is likely to close soon too.  Not good news for anyone.


7 thoughts on “It looks like a local shop is closing

  1. There are a growing number of shops opening and closing. I suspect they have only signed short leases on a ‘suck it and see’ basis. They all seem to be selling cheap unknown brands that are never likely to attract repeat business, if business at all, and reflect the council’s inability to fulfill its promises of turning Camberley into a go to shopping destination.

  2. David..take a trip to Farnboro..look at the area from Asda towards B&Q and note 2 new megastores Decathlon and Smiths. The other day the area was busy as busy can be, even the small market was doing brisk business.

    The difference is accessibility and parking.

    The gnomes at Knoll Road seem to have no understanding of how user unfriendly and difficult parking is at Camberley.

    Camberley is losing out big time, still let them sit in comfort in Knoll Rd having meetings about making Camberley a Top100 something or other…certainly not a ahopping sensation.

    • I don’t claim to have a crystal ball. But I reckon it would be unwise in the current climate to invest in retail without first having a robust detailed plan to ensure the investment is profitable. But I suspect that SHBC has put the cart before the horse.

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