Council to accept old pound coins indefinitely

The borough council has announced that it will not be converting the car park pay machines to accept new pound coins.  According to a council spokesperson, the council’s policy is to preserve the heritage of Camberley, and to ensure that no unnecessary alterations are made that would affect the appearance or operation of the town in any way.  So, in an exciting commitment to the past, the council will be enhancing its offer to shoppers and extending the life of the existing equipment.  This will be in keeping with the the long-standing tradition, and it will undoubtedly be appreciated by the long-standing people as they enjoy queuing at the pay machines.

Asked what the council would do with old pound coins once they were no longer legal currency, the spokesperson replied that efficient financial management was a key council priority.  The coins would therefore be kept securely alongside the locked boxes of half-crowns and threepenny bits already stored in the council’s vaults.


16 thoughts on “Council to accept old pound coins indefinitely

  1. David,

    Were you a script writer in a previous life?! For ‘That was the week that was’! A good laugh first thing in the morning is a true tonic.


    Ian McLaughlin

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