Kings Court – a bit of a puzzle

We took this photo of Kings Court – near the level crossing – a couple of weeks ago.  We were going to publish it with the comment that the work to convert the building into flats seemed to have ground to a halt.  We’ve not seen anything happening there for quite a while.

But, to our surprise, a planning application has just emerged.  It’s for “Consent for the erection of non-illuminated hoarding adverts for a temporary period of 12 months”.  As far as we can tell, it’s to replace the current unattractive black hoarding with one that will carry advertisement for the new flats.

What’s a little surprising to us is that the application was received by the council as far back as last December.  Rather more surprising – or perhaps not – it seems likely that the ground enclosed by the hoarding, which once upon a time was the site of the magistrate’s court, is owned by the same company that’s developing the building.  This used not to be the case; we remember the magistrate’s court site being advertised for sale by auction perhaps a year ago.


2 thoughts on “Kings Court – a bit of a puzzle

  1. Oh my goodness…this boarded up eyesore opposite Orchards? of the old magistrates court ? Correct me if am wrong…
    has plagued me for many many years because I loathe eyesores! .I have asked no less than 5 councillors who owns this site and not one of them could give me an answer? Why is everything so secretive?

  2. To be fair to the councillors, I’m not sure that they’re in any better position to know who owns the site than we are. But, also to be fair, I think the council has had opportunities to buy the site in the past which it’s not pursued successfully. We have had grand words about creating a southern gateway into the town, but grand words aren’t enough.

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