Faster Camberley trains

The latest rail news directly affecting us is that we will be getting faster trains.  It’s not clear how much faster they’ll be, or how often they’ll run.  But here it is in black and white – and colour.

(We’re sure that Camberley used to be classed as a ‘Windsor Line’.  But from the above we now seem to be a ‘Non-London Line’.  Is that a promotion??)


3 thoughts on “Faster Camberley trains

  1. It says faster journeys not faster trains – so it might just be better connections at ascot/ashvale to speed things up. I wonder of the 36 direct Guildford-Farnham trains means ascot Guildford wont run all the way. Ideally they are going to rip the entire timetable up and start again.

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