“SHBC invites discussion of latest Annual Plan” – II

If you were incredibly observant, you’ll have noticed the ‘I’ at the end of the title of our recent article about the council’s Annual Plan.  Well, this time it’s a ‘II’. We’ve submitted further questiions for the council’s interactive live stream events next week.

Our latest questions are:

The 2017-18 Annual Plan proposes a review of the Local Plan.  (“Review the Local Plan and produce an ‘Issues and Options’ document for public consultation..”)  Presumably the review will be of the Local Plan 2000.

  1. Is this the same review as that proposed in the 2015-16 Annual Plan?  (“Commence a review for a Surrey Heath Local Plan for Executive approval in January 2016”)
  1. Will the review be a comprehensive review – identifying successes, failures and lessons learned?
  1. As many of the policies in the Local Plan have been superseded, will any of the newer policies be included in the review?
  1. In particular, I understand that Policy TC 7 in the Local Plan has been replaced by Policy TC 10 in the Area Action Plan.  TC 10 includes providing the following key service roads:

– East of High Street (nos. 11-61) between St Georges Road and Knoll Walk

– East of High Street (nos. 65-85) south of Knoll Walk

Will the review look at the implementation of these service roads explicitly?

Why is the Eye asking that last question in particular?  Simple.  The council has been promising to create service access to the east of the High Street for at least thirty years.  It says this is an essential step in pedestrianising the road.  So progress – or otherwise – in creating the service roads should be a good indicator of whether the council really intends to reduce High Street traffic.  We have our doubts.



One thought on ““SHBC invites discussion of latest Annual Plan” – II

  1. Camberley Town Centre – Change of use
    Retail and Business have fled, with the heart of Surrey Heath evolving into hybrid Dormitory Town. With the huge increase in Town Centre Flat dwellers and many Care Homes, Camberley dynamic and TC resident population need should now prevail !

    SHBC planning baseline has completely shifted, making all / any previous TC plan moribund.
    A complete review of the TC role, need and assumptions is required.

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