The last post (office)

Don’t forget.  The last day of the post office in Princess Way is today.  WHSmith in the High Street is its new home.


17 thoughts on “The last post (office)

  1. I guess it can’t be any worse. I have always said I’d rather stick pins in my eyes that join the long snake of death leading to the counter of doom! At least in Smiths you can read a book while you wait!!

  2. Can I recommend the small post office in Frimley High Street (station end)? There’s a free car park (up to two hours) behind in Burrell Road. There is sometimes a bit of a queue but the staff are so helpful.

    • I live at the top of Church Hill, but choose to drive to Frimley Green Post Office where the staff are wonderful. Admittedly I do mass mailing and buy my stamps online, but the drive is well worth it. I can put everything in the relevant sacks. Imagine trying to post 30 x 2kg parcels at the Main post office, wheever it is situated.

  3. Heatherside is O K but of course one cannot undertake so many things that a PROPER Post Office can do?.Sadly another big WALL in Camberley vacant!

  4. They handed out a leaflet claiming the Old Dean post office services would be available from when the coop opens in the morning to when it closes at night. Not once have i been able to get served outside the regular 9am – 5pm times. Zero privacy now either.

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